In order to become a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) in North Carolina, an individual must be registered as a Environmental Health Specialist Intern, complete specified continuing education and training, and achieve a passing score, within three years of being registered as an Intern, on a comprehensive exam (REHS Exam).  The REHS Exam is designed to assure that Environmental Health Specialists or Environmental Health Specialists are qualified, competent, and properly prepared to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.  The exam schedule is posted on the meetings page.  Candidates must apply for the exam using the REHSI Exam Application October 26 2018 (fillable)
The Exam is one important part of the process to become professionally credentialed.  It is strongly recommended that individuals arriving to take the exam plan to arrive early, bring the proper credentials, and to dress appropriately for a professional image.
The Exam consists of three independent parts:

  • A multiple-choice test.  The current test used is the National Environmental Health Association NEHA REHS exam.   The new REHS exam.
  • An essay test.  Subjects are varied and developed by the Board’s Educational Committee.
  • An oral interview conducted by Board members.

The scores of all three portions are then compiled for an overall score.  An applicant is considered to have passed the exam with a minimum score of 60% on each portion and an overall score of 70.0% or greater.


Consists of 250 multiple-choice questions designed to test the knowledge of all areas of the field of environmental health.  The Exam is developed and graded by NEHA.  This is a timed test and a study guidedeveloped by NEHA for the exam is available for purchase.  Study guides may be purchased through NEHA.  Counts 50% of total score.


Tests writing and reasoning abilities/thought processes by having the applicant analyze situations and provide a written solution. Questions are prepared and evaluated by the Board. Counts 25% of total score.


Measures communication skills and the ability to respond to questions presented in a small group setting.  Questions are prepared and evaluated by the Board.  Because the ability to communicate includes visual presentation and demeanor, the Board evaluates the professional appearance and conduct displayed during the Oral section of the exam. Counts 25% of total score.

Various study guides and resources are available to prepare for the exam.

NEHA – National Environmental Health Association

CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Board administers Examinations at different geographic locations across the state.  Any portion(s) of the Exam may be retaken and satisfactory scores may be retained for any portions.  A fee is charged for the NEHA portion of the Exam.