Type of Fee

Fee Amount


Intern with No Previous Experience
Intern with Previous Qualifying Experience
Requesting credit for previous environmental health educational and professional experience in accordance with NC General Statute 90A-53
 Out of State Applicant
$50 Requesting full REHS status (reciprocity) with credit for out-of-state experience and credentials. 
Military Applicant
No Fee No fee pursuant to NC § 93B‑15.1 (a) (4)
Military Spouse
No Fee  No fee pursuant to NC § 93B‑15.1 (a) (4)
Per Exam date.
Essay & Interview Fee
Per Exam date.
Annual Renewal Fee $50
Postmarked no later than December 31 each year.
Postmarked after December 31 each year.
Returned Check fee $20 + bank charge  Per occurrence .

 updated: May 18, 2018