1. I was a REHS, but I have not renewed in the last few years. What do I need to do to become an REHS again?

NCREHS response:  If it has been more than 2 years since your last registration date, you will have to apply again as an intern.  If you took the exam after 1982 thru the board, or, if you took the same exam the board was offering at that time, you do not have to repeat the exam.  But you do have to have 30 hrs of physical or biological sciences (changed from 15 in early 1990’s.  And, you have to repeat the SOP law course within 4 years.

So, if you meet the 30 hours, and have taken an acceptable exam, you may ask for your experience to be applied to your new registration.  This particular process is called “fast tracking.” 

All this only applies if you are employed in the public sector in a job that requires registration.


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  1. I have been been a Consumer Safety Inspector for the USDA for 18 yeaars. We deal with inspecting the animal carcasses for disease and also the facilities for sanitation requirements set forth by the Regulations of the Federal government, United States of America/Food Safety Inpection Service (USDA/FSIS). I was thinking about becoming a health inspector but I don’t have a degree or 30 class hours of education as I was told.With 18 year in the food service inpection I would think I would quilify but was told I don’t. I have several on the job class and class room requirements through the government but I was told that doesn’t count. What I want to know is why can I work for the Federal government but not the state of North Carolina when the Federal government has just as many regulations to enforce as the state. Do I qualify or not?

  2. I am a registered environmental health specialist in California and am trying to find out if my registration will be recognized in North Carolina or if I will have to start over with the exam and certification process.

    • Hey Holly.
      Thanks for using our comments to make an inquiry about your California REHS reciprocity for NC. Please use our contact us page to dialogue with the Board for more details.

  3. I want to become an REHS and my bachelors is not in EHS. What science courses are including under the heading of “biological and physical?” Clearly biology and physics courses, but how about those that have to do with biology, like health, anthropology, certain anatomy or health based physical education courses, nursing courses…?

    • Hello Kyna. Thanks for using the comments section of ncrehs.com for your questions. However, to better answer your questions, pls use the Contact the Board for direct communications and answers. Regards, ncrehs.com

  4. Good Afternoon,
    I am really trying my best to have all the requirements in order to apply for Environmental Health specialist positions. I have 21 science credits and I know one of the requirement in order to apply for Environmental Health Specialist job is to have 30 science credits class. My question is do you count high school science credit too? or is it just college science classes? Also, If I enroll in three science classes and apply for the job would you count that as 30 science credit classes? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  5. I took the NEHA exam while I was employed as a Managing Partner with Bonefish Grill. It was about two years ago. I passed and have my certificate. Do I have to retake it??

    • Hello Frank! Thanks for using our comments section to engage us. Please use the Contact Us to formally inquire about your question. Bests, ncrehs.com

    • Hello Daryl! Thanks for using our comments section to engage us. Please use the Contact Us to formally inquire about your question. Bests, ncrehs.com

  6. Patricia, could you please send me the pdf of the pool permit documents once again? I printed what I needed, but I forgot to print one for the permit for Deerlake Village pool.
    Thank you,
    Margo Williamson

    • Hello Margo! Thanks for using the comments section of our website. Please use the Contact Us form for further details on your questions. All the best, ncrehs.com

  7. I took the NEHA exam in Arizona and passed have my RS work in EHS II for two years and now I’m currently in Nevada with my REHS here will I receive reciprocity in North Carolina?

  8. I recently received my degree in EHS but I’m not sure if I have all 30hrs. Is there a list of classes that are acceptable that makes up the 30hrs?

  9. I have finish my masters in environmental technology and sustainability and I also have masters in environmental biotechnology degree.i want to REHS.can explain me the entire procedure.

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