Complaint Process

North Carolina State Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners Complaint Process

The NC State Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners (hereinafter referred to as Board) investigates complaints against Registered Environmental Health Specialists or Registered Environmental Health Specialist Interns (hereinafter referred to as REHS). If the Board finds that the REHS has violated Laws or Rules, the Board can suspend or revoke the REHS’s registration to practice environmental health.

Information contained in the Complaint Form must be specific and detailed and must include documentation that substantiates the complaint.  The Board does not investigate anonymous complaints.  Persons who file complaints must be willing, if necessary, to appear as a sworn witness to testify concerning the allegations made in their complaint should that be necessary.  Upon completion of an investigation and final decision of the Board, complaints become public records.

Why File a Complaint?
If you have reason to believe that a REHS in North Carolina has violated a statute or rule governing the practice of environmental health including, but not limited to, conviction of a felony; conviction of a crime in which deceit, dishonesty, or fraud is an essential element; fraud or deceit in obtaining registration as an REHS; or dishonesty, fraud, or gross negligence in the practice of environmental health, you can file a complaint with the Board by either using the Board’s online Complaint Form or complete a paper version of the Complaint Form. Please note that the Board does not have jurisdiction over fees charged by local or state governments.

What to Expect After You File the Complaint?
Upon receipt in the Board Office, the Board Chair will review the complaint along with the supporting documentation and assign an Investigative Committee (hereinafter referred to as Committee), consisting of two or more board members, to investigate the complaint. The Board will send you confirmation upon receipt of your complaint.  The Board will provide a copy of the complaint to the named REHS(s).

The investigative process is thorough and often quite lengthy; in many instances it will require additional information or evidence from the complainant, the REHS and when necessary, related parties. After the Committee has gathered applicable information and evidence, the Committee presents its findings to the full Board in closed session. At that time, the Board may request that additional information; that the case be closed with no further action; or that remedial or disciplinary action, which could include revocation of the REHS registration, occur. If the Board requests additional information, the Committee will gather the additional information and present it at a future Board meeting. The Board will take final action regarding the outcome of the investigation in an open session Board meeting.

The Board will likely seek advice from its legal counsel as it moves through the investigative, remedial, disciplinary and revocation review.

The Board will notify the complainant and the REHS of the Board’s decision once the investigation is complete and a final Board decision has been reached or earlier in the process should additional information be required.

Choose one of three ways to submit your complaint:

  1. File/submit directly via the online Complaint form.
  2. Download and electronically complete the fillable form and email the completed form along will all documentation to the Board Office.
  3. Print a paper copy of the form, manually complete it and mail the form along with all documentation, via the US Postal Service, to the Board Office.

Note: Contact the Board Office to request a paper copy of the form be mailed to you.

Contact the Board Office should you have questions about filing a Complaint.